Improving Our Processes to Better Serve Our Customers

Posted on: April 12th, 2021 by admin

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At TOTLCOM, we are always trying to improve our business operations,
whether that is by offering better services and solutions to our customers or improving our in-house practices. Recently, we decided to switch from Tigerpaw to ConnectWise for our in-house management system. Additionally, we helped two companies become more productive and efficient by upgrading their voice systems.


In order to continue to improve, we are switching our CRM software to ConnectWise. ConnectWise helps us manage our processes and business more efficiently, which will allow us to serve our customers more effectively. Improving our internal processes is something that we are always trying to improve, and we feel that ConnectWise is a tool that will help propel our business forward. The ConnectWise platform allows for easier ordering, automated billing, easier access to learning and training programs, all through a single portal. Introducing this type of integration will help us hold ourselves accountable so we can better serve our customers.

Success Stories

We recently had the opportunity to assist two companies overhaul their systems by doing a network redesign and providing them with complete IT support and management. In addition to the network overhaul, we also implemented a hosted voice solution to support a remote workforce.

The first company we helped is a construction company. Contractors are always on the move, so we added remote file access capabilities. This functionality will allow their Foreman to be more productive and efficient if they are at a job site. Additionally, we upgraded their phone systems so they can communicate more effectively with coworkers and customers.

We also helped a jewelry company with their phone systems. The previous MSP they were working with did not address the issues they were having, but we were able to get them the tools and functionality they needed. We added the ability for the employees to use their cell phones as business phones. The employees’ company number will now display if they call a customer rather than their personal cell number. Also, if the employees are on the sales floor, they can now answer any phone calls with their cell phone, rather than needing to walk to a phone. This capability will make them more efficient and provide them with the ability to help their customers quickly and efficiently.

At TOTLCOM, we are always looking for ways to improve our processes to serve our customers more effectively. We feel that the move to ConnectWise will allow us to be more efficient and manage service tickets more effectively. If your company needs help with its IT or phone systems, contact us today. Our solutions will help your company thrive now and in the future.

Introducing “Contact Them”, a Provider of Software That Makes Contact

Posted on: March 3rd, 2021 by admin

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We would like to introduce a company that we’ve worked with for a long time now, both using their services ourselves and recommending them as a solution to many of our other clients. They’ve been an excellent resource for us over the years.

Contact Them

Their Mission: Software That Makes Contact.

Send any message to any device at any time. Ultimate Communications Software specializes in blending, enhancing, and developing solutions for local and international businesses, industries, or public sector services. Customized programming is easier, faster, and better. They distribute these solutions directly and with an international dealer network. Their assistance with installation and support is direct via the internet. They developed the Communicator Programming Language (CPL) with telecom widgets, added on-site plugins, and cloud-based tools.

Here Are a Few Examples of the Solutions They Offer

  • SimpliFYI

    Staffing Services – recruiting volunteers or extra staff requires communications. Our application can target specific groups or individuals from your database. 50% of all people prefer text over all communications – 77% of people under 35! Cell phones are the key communication tool for business, and SimpliFYIi’s software bundles this into an excellent user interface. Now you can use business lines for text messaging (inbound and outbound).

  • OnTimeforAnything

    OnTimeforAnything provides cloud-based school or factory bells & whistles. Make sure yourorganization is safer & on time. OnTimeforAnything software & service provides web-based school bells, factory whistles, and safety alarms. Build multiple schedules and automatically adjust at any time.

  • Alarm & Inform

    Alarm & Inform (A & I) allows staff to trigger alarms → send messages. Alarm & Inform– with our service in place, your staff can react to intruders, hazards, 911 calls, weather conditions, active shooter by triggering the appropriate alarm message. When the trigger is activated A & I will be sent the right message to the targeted staff and authorities.

  • Ultimate Communicator

    Deliver any message any time using the Ultimate Communicator. No hardware, no software, no hassle – just results! Finally, an easy way to send personal voice calls,text messages with one click of a button.Trigger a campaign of calls from any phone. (think of this as your mobile call app for your smartphone!)

  • Streaming Signal

    Message any network device. Multi-casting technology to any new or existing paging system. Real-time or scheduled Kiosk audio, visual even video messaging. Cloud-based paging from a cell, home, or office phone. Streaming Signal can generate school bells & enhance any emergency alert system.

  • Appointment Reminder

    Reminders can confirm an appointment. Three essential items you need when confirming appointments: A scalable system, an automated process and be integrated with your scheduling software. Ultimate has been making appointment reminder software for over a decade.

Learn more about Contact Them – Software that makes contact

TOTLCOM Inc. Helps School District with Phone Systems

Posted on: November 24th, 2020 by admin

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With the pandemic impacting the United States, many organizations have been affected. Schools have been scrambling to find an ideal way to support their students, as most states are using altered school schedules or are 100% remote. School districts need up-to-date technology to function efficiently, and TOTLCOM Inc. was able to help Tulare City Unified School District by replacing their antiquated phone technology and equipment.

At TOTLCOM Inc., we understand that communication and collaboration are vital to learning institutions, and it is even more valuable during the pandemic that we are experiencing. Tulare City Unified School District can now take advantage of SIP Trunking, which allows the school district to utilize 4-digit dialing to contact other schools in the district. With schools needing to communicate with each other about handling the pandemic, this quick dial functionality is crucial in their fight to keep their families safe.

Another benefit that the school district is enjoying is cheaper monthly phone bills. Unfortunately, school budgets are always tight, so having the ability to save money every month means that they can allocate those funds to other pressing areas of need.

We are incredibly pleased that we could help out the Tulare City Unified School District with upgrading their phone systems to support their students more effectively. At TOTLCOM Inc., we want to help your organization thrive, whether that is with new phone systems or cloud technologies. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how they can benefit your business or organization.

Merger Announcement From TOTLCOM

Posted on: October 15th, 2020 by admin

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Valued Customers and Friends,

We are excited to announce: TOTLCOM Inc. has merged with Layer 3 IT Inc. Layer 3 IT Inc has been a Managed Services provider in Central California since 2003. We are especially pleased that the founders of the company, Danny Thompson and Jared Krick, have joined us at Vice President levels, and their staff has also joined our team.

With TOTLCOM offices in Modesto, Watsonville, Sacramento, and Fresno, this merger gives us more human resources (depth) plus advanced experience and technologies to support our customers’ needs, both data and voice. Layer 3 IT and TOTLCOM have served several mutual customers over the years; Layer 3 IT on the data side and TOTLCOM on the voice side, so we know that this synergy will serve our customers well.

Our customers now have one company to call for all their technology needs, whether it be voice, data, or IT security.

Your success is of paramount importance to us, and we are excited about how we can serve you better.

  • Enhanced Customer Response – The additional human resources, experience, and knowledge, mean customers will benefit from quicker response times, improved productivity.
  • Enhanced customer experience – Our expanded Managed Services management team gives us more time to work with customers to plan their future needs.
  • A Distinguished Portfolio of Products and Services – Customers will have access to a broader array of high-quality products and services.
  • Innovation – Our investments in product innovation, new businesses, and service lines will increase.

We are currently working on integrating our businesses. Be assured that we are committed to delivering the very high level of service our customers deserve. We are pledged to always have your complete satisfaction as our standard, not some future goal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs.

Jerry Greer, President

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Is More Important Than Ever

Posted on: August 6th, 2020 by admin

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To say we live in uncertain times is an understatement at this point. It’s becoming harder with each passing day to predict just what is coming next. Many businesses have taken a reactive strategy, planning only to adapt to whatever happens next, because of the unpredictability. However, this method is unsustainable. It is simply too costly to adopt plans only when the need arises, both in terms of investing and implementing the technology needed. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place for the unforeseeable issues that may come.

While both business continuity and disaster recovery have been used by companies to protect their data, it also serves a greater purpose of planning for the unexpected. Having plans already in place and having Cloud backups of files and applications allows your business to adapt without having downtime. When all of your technology and data are already setup to be accessed remotely, transitioning to a remote workforce is far easier and much less costly.

Don’t let your business suffer more costs than it needs to from unpredictability. Get a business continuity and disaster recovery plan with TOTLCOM, and be prepared for whatever comes next.

How VoIP Can Improve Your Remote Workforce

Posted on: July 16th, 2020 by admin

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Remote working presents many unique challenges for businesses to overcome. One of the more critical challenges they have to surmount is figuring out how to send the office phone home with their employees. Since not every phone system can be adapted to home use, because of the fact the phones they use still rely on outdated systems. This leaves them with hardware tied down to a location by its physical hardware limitations. Luckily for them, that’s where the VoIP phone system comes in.

Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP based systems can receive and make calls via the Internet from anywhere and anytime. This not only lets your remote workers enjoy all the same features and functionalities they would have in the office, but maintain the same business numbers as before. On top of that, VoIP can break down many barriers to transparency that remote employees present. This can be achieved by using applications compatible with VoIP phone systems that enable you to see whether your remote workforce is making and receiving calls.

Don’t let old outdated hardware hold your business back from achieving a fully operational remote workforce. Get a VoIP phone system with TOTLCOM today and keep your phones ringing at home for your remote workers.

Cloud Computing Increases Efficiency and Business Continuity

Posted on: June 2nd, 2020 by admin

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As COVID-19 continues to change the business landscape, transitioning to a remote workforce is one of the ways companies have adapted. For businesses to continue to be successful, they need a way to continue to be efficient and productive. Cloud computing can provide many benefits to your company, even more so while employees are working remotely.


A common worry is that cloud computing is less secure than on-premise. Our cloud computing solution encrypts your data, both in transit and in storage. The cloud also uses secure authentication, so your sensitive data will remain private. Additionally, your IT infrastructure is monitored 24/7, as well as backed up continuously.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Since your data is stored in the cloud, you will be able to access it quickly in the event of a disaster or other crisis that impacts your operations. Quickly accessing your data is a significant benefit for your business that will minimize downtime and any loss of productivity.

Reduced Costs

With cloud computing, you can effectively manage your technology costs, avoid unnecessary expenditures on IT resources, and have the flexibility to add additional IT resources as your business grows. Additionally, since you won’t have on-premise servers, your energy consumption costs may be reduced, which will allow you to allocate those resources to other pressing concerns within your company.

With TOTLCOM Inc., you have complete control over your IT environment. We offer a variety of cloud computing solutions that you can customize to fit your unique business needs. The cloud will give your company the flexibility to work from anywhere and be extremely productive and efficient. Contact us to learn more about our cloud computing solutions and how they can benefit your business.

Providing Cloud Solutions and Educating Customers on Phishing Attacks

Posted on: April 30th, 2020 by admin

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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact the way businesses operate, we are busy transitioning our customers to the cloud and enabling other ways for their employees to work from home. Transitioning some, or all, of your business operations to the cloud will allow your company to continue to operate and will allow your employees to remain productive.

If your company uses an on-premise phone system, then we will redirect all the calls from your desk phone to your cell phone. Your employees will be able to receive phone calls as though they were at work, and your company will suffer little disruption to its normal business operations.

Network Security

Hackers have ramped up their efforts since COVID-19 began impacting the US. Cybersecurity has always been a critical part of a business’s success, and it has become increasingly more important now that most companies are operating with a remote workforce. Phishing attacks are preying upon people’s fear of COVID-19. Some phishing attacks have been sent from emails that appear to be associated with the World Health Organization.

Phishing Training

At TOTLCOM Inc., we understand how easy it can be to fall victim to a phishing attack. We take a proactive approach to keeping your company protected, which is why we offer training packages that will educate you and your employees on how to stay safe. After your company has completed the safety training, we will launch fake phishing attacks. This practice will help you understand the dangers of opening links from emails. If an employee clicks one of our fake links, this will allow for a teaching moment. This service is invaluable to companies, as it will enable businesses to see how easy it is to fall victim to an attack, and to remain vigilant.


In addition to the phishing training, we offer comprehensive network security to keep your company safe. We will manage your firewall, antivirus software, anti-spam software, and anti-malware software to protect your network. We take every precaution to ensure your company remains protected from all cyber threats.

If your business needs to transition to cloud operations, it’s never too late to get started. Contact us today, and we will begin the process of moving your business operations to the cloud. Our employees are ready to assist your company so you can get back to being productive and efficient, while safely sheltering at home.

Remote IT Monitoring, Keep Your Technology Running When You Aren’t Around

Posted on: March 27th, 2020 by admin

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You can’t always have someone be there in the office to make sure everything stays running as it should. A fact many businesses are having to come to terms with faster than they would like too. As employees and employers are being told to stay at home, because of the epidemic going on. This leaves many companies in a bind, as any technical failure can leave their clients without their services. Luckily, we at TOTLCOM have a solution that can help them out. Ensure your technology keeps running smoothly with the remote monitoring included in our managed IT services.

When you acquire our managed IT services, you gain the benefit of our 24/7 remote monitoring management that included in the service. This allows us to maintain a watchful eye on your technology and provide proactive maintenance while you have to be away from the office. Meaning that if your network goes down or a server issue pops up unexpectedly, we can fix it without having to visit your location. Letting you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your active operations will keep running despite any hiccup that may occur in your absence. Allowing you to focus on what’s truly important right now.

Don’t worry more than you have to with everything going on. Contact TOTLCOM today and get the services that will keep everything up and running while your away.

REMOTE WORKERS – Danger ahead!

Posted on: March 26th, 2020 by admin

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Virtually overnight, hundreds of thousands of office workers have been sent home to work. Access to their company phone system and the company data network is required. For simplicity, most companies have had their employees access the company network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows them into the company network through a broadband connection.

The parent company has spent thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars (we hope) protecting their network. But in the rush to get people out of the office, there are very likely unsecured holes in the network big enough to take a company down.

Is there a Firewall in place at the company that is updated continuously? Did it get bypassed when you sent everyone to work from home? And how safe are the employee’s PCs at home? Do they have the same continuously updated virus and malware protection you (hopefully) have at the office? Do they have a Firewall too?

Is there a continuous training program in place for the employees? After all, the most common break-ins to the network are due to employee carelessness or lack of knowledge. And if the break-in or ransomware occurs, do you have insurance? Most policies exclude that.

Small IT companies and/or small internal IT staff may do a great job supporting employees, but they may be too busy with day to day support to have in-depth, current security knowledge and solutions. TOTLCOM can provide all these services and help protect your business, but not necessarily on an “a la carte” basis, because security has to be a total, comprehensive approach, not just piecemeal.

Contact us to see if we can help.